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Our Lady of Calvary Student Activities

Recognizing each student as a child of God, each faculty member respects the dignity of the individual student. Spiritual development of the child flows from the bond of charity which animates both teachers and students. Our faculty provides an atmosphere of love and trust in which the formation of religious attitudes of worship and prayer are fostered. Direct student participation in both liturgical and para-liturgical services deepens the child's spiritual awareness, thus facilitating growth into Christian maturity. Sacramental preparation increases this spiritual growth by deepening the values of students. This is evidenced by their fuller participation in the Eucharist and a willingness to prepare themselves to witness to a mature Christian life in the world.

Students in the Second Grade receive the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist. Sixth Grade students receive Confirmation. The parents of students in both grades attend parent nights of instruction prior to the reception of these sacraments. Retreat days are also provided for these students and their parents.

Students in the parish who attend public school are invited to attend our religious education classes and they are considered part-time students of Our Lady of Calvary School.

Since the school serves as a training ground for living the fullness of the Catholic faith, the concept of service is stressed at Our Lady of Calvary. This is reflected in our school logo: "CALVARY COMETS" - Commitment Of Many Educated To Serve! Our students look forward to helping others on a regular basis. Each student is encouraged to participate in our monthly "Food for the Homeless" program, Advent and Lenten Food Drives, Operation Santa Claus, Math-A-Thon for Leukemia, Read-A-Thon for Multiple Sclerosis, and donations to Catholic Relief Services and the Missions.

All students are invited to participate in "Dress-Down Days" from time to time. These days usually have a seasonal or timely theme and are enjoyed by the students. In the Spring we will celebrate "Blue/Gold Month" to boost our school spirit. This involves friendly competition among all students on the playground. Teams are set up within homerooms and students wear either blue or yellow t-shirts to indicate their team. Each grade then has an hour scheduled to play four supervised fun activities. Parents are invited and join in the supervision of the games. We also celebrate Scholar Dollar Day at the end of the year to acknowledge the hard work and good behavior of our students.

We have a "Buddy" program in place for students in Grades One and Eight. This offers each group opportunities for "bonding" as regards school life and academic activities. Eighth graders become more aware of their responsibility to model good behavior for our younger students who have a tendency to look up to them.

Our Junior High students take an active part in our Student Council. Our eighth graders are elected officers and students from both grades are designated Class Representatives for each homeroom in the school. Students in grades five to eight can join the Tech Crew to enhance their technology skills. Students in grades seven and eight serve on our Safety Patrol and also participate in our annual Christmas Pageant and Living Stations of the Cross. Our students are honored by positive reinforcement. They receive recognition, and academic excellence is encouraged by publication of the Trimester Honor Roll.

Parents and families are encouraged to attend special assemblies, Open House for Catholic Schools Week, Parent/Teacher conferences, regular First Friday Masses and the monthly Children's Mass that is prepared by each grade.

The Neumann Scholars Program and Connelly Grant offer our eighth graders opportunities to receive full or partial scholarships to the Archdiocesan High School of their choice. All of our students regularly participate in art or essay contests, spelling bees, etc. which give them opportunities to be successful in these endeavors.

Students in each grade have the opportunity to go on field trips once during the school year. Parents are invited to accompany the students as chaperones. These trips are usually curriculum related.

Each summer many students register for our three week summer religious education program, Camp Calvary. Older students are given an opportunity to supervise a number of activities participated in by our younger students. This program is open to all neighborhood children.

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